Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit...

Holy Fit to Sit:   We will work with balance, stretching, core strengthening, and breathing.   This is not only for Seniors, but it is also for those who cannot get up and down from the floor.  Six principles of Pilates Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breathing, and Flowing Movement.   It is a healing exercise.   Pilates has helped me heal from my recent ankle operation.  I was released two weeks earlier from physical therapy because of Pilates.  If you suffer from imbalance, tilt forward syndrome,  walking issues and other physical ailments that require therapy Holy fit to Sit is the right program for you or a friend.  We will start on October 6th (Tuesdays and Thursdays),  9:15 – 9:30 a.m.  (30 mins) at the Parish Office. What to bring:  Water and towel.

Hi, this is Jacque. If you have any questions, drop me an email.

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